With extensive experience in commercial heat treatment, Socket & Allied has a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when assessing the right heat treatment or material for any given application. Access to a wide range of up to date equipment & processes means that a suitable treatment can usually be specified and implemented quickly.


Ferrous Metals

Continuous Hardening & Tempering


Carbon Restoration

Case Hardening


Stress Relieving

Non-Ferrous Metals

The heat treatment of aluminium and extruded alloys changes the mechanical properties of the castings or extrusions. This comprises one or multiple thermal cycles being applied to the aluminium alloy components. This includes:

TB or T4 - Solution treated and naturally aged

TB7 - Solution treated and stabilized

M - As cast / as manufactured

TE or T5 - Artificially aged

TF of T6 - Solution heat treated and fully artificially aged

TF7 - Solution treated and artificially aged and stabilised

TS - Stress relieved and annealed



Socket & Allied offers bulk plating processes for a wide range of markets, including:

Solid film lubricant and organic coatings such as Xylan®, Molykote® and others.

Corrosion-protection coatings including a full range of zinc flake-based paints such as Delta® coating in KL100, Dacromet® and Geomet® coatings in 321,360,500 and 720 configurations, Magni® 565 or B46 with optional black top coats and Zintech® /Techseal® systems and zinc / aluminium dust materials in Schramm and Alutherm materials. In order to maximise flexibility and efficiency, robotic spray lines and manual spray booths are utilised.

Aluminium conversion coatings, hard anodise, passivation or Alochrom 1000 / 1200 and top coat systems.

Aesthetic & Decorative Coatings in Acrylics, Epoxies and Polyurethane to standard specifications.

Greenkote® thermal diffusion zinc coatings for threaded components, pressings and castings to provide durable corrosion-resistance. When combined with a top coat, these give excellent salt spray performance.

Special coatings such as EMC/RFi shielded coatings, thermal / insulation coatings and many duplex coatings.




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