Socket & Allied is able to apply many special coatings to their socket screws/bolts/fasteners and can offer bulk batch coatings or special small batch quantity.

Socket & Allied is able to apply rust proofing and corrosion resistant coatings for the life of the product; This process makes our socket screws and ancillary products viable in many applications and industry sectors including oil and gas; rail and aerospace; medical; automotive.

Some popular coatings that Socket & Allied can apply to their socket screws/bolts/fasteners include:

Anodizing – an acid dip provides aluminium based screws and fasteners with a frosty etched appearance.

Black Oxide – a chemical treatment which gives ferrous metals and those socket screws and fasteners manufactured in stainless steel a black matt finish. This finish is aesthetically pleasing.

Cadmium Electroplating – a soft white metal that when applied onto stainless steel, copper, powdered metal provides a ‘sacrificial coating’ which corrodes before the substrate material.

Zinc Electroplating – this process is frequently applied to socket screws, bolts and fasteners manufactured in stainless steel to protect against the relentless forces of corrosion; many socket screws used in the oil and gas industry will be zinc plated.

Hot Dip Zinc Plating – this process is similar to the above and protects against corrosion but offers a finely crystallised zinc spangle finish that meets high aesthetic impact.

Chromate is a conversion coating used to passivate steel, aluminium, zinc, copper.

Chromium or chrome plating – a plating process whereby a thin layer of chrome is applied to the socket screw/bolt/fastener via electroplating.

High Performance Plastic Coating (PTFE) – socket screws/fasteners/bolts can be plastic coated using a zinc phosphate base coat to differing strengths ie 1070 and in many colours, blue being the most popular colour. Some customers demand the PTFE coating be applied entirely for transportation and the coating is then removed prior to its end application.

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